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Pressure Washing Process


To begin with the area is swept so it is free of loose dirt and leaves. Any large weeds are pulled up by hand, and any thick moss is scraped from the surface. Drains and gullies are checked to ensure that they are free of debris, and then covered with a fine mesh to prevent any blockages during the cleaning process.


The area is then cleaned using a specially designed 3000psi/200 bar rotary flat surface cleaning system; this process ensures the surface is thoroughly cleaned, and removes all remaining moss and weeds. The design of the system also helps to protect flower beds, shrubs and plants from being damaged.


If you require, an application of a broad spectrum weedkiller can now be carefully applied to the area. As always, extra care is taken around lawns and plants. If the surface being cleaned is block-paved, then the area is now left to dry thoroughly.


If you have requested this service, then a second visit will be scheduled once the blocks are dry to apply kiln dried silica sand to the area using a soft broom to ensure that all of the joints are filled. Any excess sand is removed using a garden blower. 

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